Sunday, November 8, 2009

How To Make Origami Money - Four Leaf Clover

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This is a simple step by step instruction on how to make a four leaf clover origami out of money.

To make today's origami money flower, you will need to have THREE dollar bills. 2 bills for making the 4 leaf origami while one more bill is used as a stem. Similar to any other origami tutorials on my previous posts, you can substitute US dollars material to other country money or you could use a plain / decorative origami papers. Just remember that all paper must have a rectangular shape.

origami money 4 leaf clover comparison

How To Make Origami Money - Four Leaf Clover

-Step 1-
Take the first dollar and lay it on a flat surface. Take the bottom and fold it up so it touches the far side of the portrait oval. Now take the left edge of the origami crease and fold it down. Unfold it and do it again for the right side. Join both of the origami creases to make a symmetrical " l " shape. Open the pocket and press it down to so it will have an inverted " V " shape.

origami money step 1

origami money step 2

-Step 2-
Repeat step 1 on the other half of the bill.

origami money step 3

-Step 3-
Take the second dollar and apply the same process.

-Step 4-
Unfold the second dollar origami and place the first on top of it. Press the second dollar creases back so it will shape like this:

origami money step 4

origami money step 5

-Step 5-
Fold any of the origami edges towards its center back. Do it for the other 3 edges.

origami money step 6

-Step 6-
Take the third dollar and fold it lengthwise twice to make shaped like a stem.

-Step 7-
Insert the stem into any hole at the back of the clover origami and fold the rest of it down. Finished.

origami money step 7

This is the video tutorial of origami money four leaf clover.

Today's origami video was adapted from ParallelUniversity. Do subscribe to his channel :)

Hope you enjoy on today's step by step origami instruction on how to make a four leaf clover flower origami money.
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