Saturday, May 2, 2009

Origami Money Flowers | Simple Design

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In this post, I'm going to explained on how to make a simple and easy design of origami flower-shaped from money.

Step 1

Origami Flowers Picture 1
Take 3 money notes of any currency that you have and lay it down flat on a table. Remember to use the same size for each notes.

Step 2

Origami Flowers Picture 2
Fold the notes in half. Make sure you folded the money origami to their longer side.

Step 3

Origami Flowers Picture 3
Fold all four corners of each notes to form a triangle edge-shaped.

Step 4

Origami Flowers Picture 4
Unfold one of it and place a second note on top of the first in parallel condition. Pull the first note and wrap it around to form a half fan petals.

Step 5

Origami Flowers Picture 5
Take the third money note and unfold it. Place the half fan petals in parallel with the third and wrap it once again.

Step 6

Origami Flowers Picture 6
Press gently on the bottom edge of the flower origami and unfold the petals on finish the work.

Credits: Images and Instruction for this simple design of origami money flowers were adapted from
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