Saturday, May 9, 2009

How To Make Origami Flower Heart

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For today's origami, I'm going to explain on how to make a flower heart shaped origami from a dollar bill. The whole process of making the origami heart is pretty easy and you can expect to finish the job in less than 15 minutes for experienced user. In this particular example, a US dollar bill has been used but you can change it to any other country currency that you have. In case you don't want to use any money notes, just use a plain or decorated piece of paper as long as it posses a rectangular shape. Below is the step by step origami instructions.

-Step 1-
Find any dollar bill and lay it out on a flat surface. It's best to choose a new and crisp dollar so they will hold their shape throughout the whole process of making the origami flower heart.

-Step 2-
Take the bottom left corner and push it up so it touches the upper line, making it a half triangular shape. Then, take the upper left corner tip and push it down to form a complete triangle. Do the same process for the right side.

-Step 3-
Unfold one of the crease and refold it by pushing the left and right side to the middle. Do it again for the other side.

-Step 4-
Fold the dollar in half lengthwise. Make sure that the crease is on inside half of the origami. By right, you should see a triangle with a small rectangle shape at the bottom of it. Push the rectangle over on any side of the bill to form a 'hat' shape.

-Step 5-
Unfold the origami and flip it on its back. There should be a flap that juts out on both side of the small rectangular. Press it in so it'll become a full square.

-Step 6-
This part is quite tricky and require a detail procedure. First, take the left edge of any side of the crease and push it up. Put your thumb inside the 'pocket' we did just now and push it down to become a small square. Press the small section of the square up and do it for both sides. Again, stick your thumb in the small 'pocket' and press it down to form a very small triangular shape.

-Step 7-
Repeat step 6 for all of the other 3 corners.

-Step 8-
Flip the origami over and push one of the sides up. If you do it correctly, you should see a heart shape and that's it.

Here is the video demonstrating the whole process of making the origami money flowers from a dollar bill:

The instructions for today's topic was adapted from various source over the Internet. Credit goes to berryontop for uploading the excellent video on making the origami money flower heart.
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