Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How To Make Origami Money Flower Heart ( Easy Version )

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This is a video tutorial on how to make origami money flower heart shape - an easier version compared to my previous post on how to make origami heart.

To make this easy origami money flower heart, you must have a dollar note. Actually you can also substitute the money into other materials such as a plain or a decorative piece of paper. Just make sure it posses a rectangular shape. Its best to use a new and crisp dollar as the process of applying and holding the crease patterns will become easier.

I took only 2 minutes to make the origami money flower heart and I am sure you can do it too. Below is the tutorial:

-Step 1-
Take your dollar and place it on a flat surface. Fold about 1 centimeter from the bottom of the money upwards.

-Step 2-
Take the right bottom edge and pull it towards the center of the money. Do it for both sides. Make sure you press the crease firmly so it will hold the pattern.

-Step 3-
Flip the origami money flower heart backward. Pull about 1 centimeter of the right petal to the center. Do it for the left origami side.

-Step 4-
Pull the upper right petal halfway so it will have a small size of rectangular shape. Remember not to pull all of the upper half over. Do it for left side.

-Step 5-
On the right side of the origami money, pull both the upper edges so it touches each other on the middle. Do the same process for the left portion, flip it on its back and you will have the final output of origami money flower heart.

Here is the video tutorial that showing the whole process:

This excellent video about how to make easy origami money flower heart was adapted from txlerb113. If you are a youtube user, do comment and subscribe to his channel.

Hope you enjoy today's tutorial on how to make origami money flower heart.
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